a camp for horses & mules & those who love'em

One great asset to Hang'Em High is the location.  Hang'Em High is just six short miles off of I-75, offering access to several area attractions and local restaurants-all just minutes away!   Prefer not to cook at camp ... visit one of the great local restaurants  and enjoy their 'fixins'.  Like to cook over the open fire and need to pick up a few items .... no problem, civilization and grocery stores as close as 4 minutes away.

Partial list of local restaurants:  

Kentucky Fried Chicken  •  Cheddars •  Subway  •  White Castle  •  Old Town Grill  •  McDonald’s  •
Gondolier’s Italian Restaurant   •   Shiloh’s Roadhouse   •   Taco Bell   •   BP Country Cooker   •
Waffle House   •   Cracker Barrel   •  Wendy’s   •   La Azteca Mexican Restaurant   •   Big Bob’s Burgers   •
Arby’s   •   Long John Silver’s