A deposit of 50% is required on all reservations. We accept most major credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Checks must be received 14 days prior to your arrival date. If the reservation is made within 14 days of your arrival date, a credit card or debit card will be required to pay your deposit.  There is a 5% convenience fee to use a credit or debit card. 
Transfer Dates
We will gladly roll your deposit to a future date.  Notification by phone 14 days prior to your arrival date is required to transfer your deposit to a future date.  Rolled deposit are good for one year from original reservation date.   

To receive a refund, one must contact us by phone 14 days prior to the arrival date.  There is a $25.00 cancelation fee.
Failure to give notice by phone 14 days prior to your arrival date will result in a loss of your deposit. Prices subject to change without notice.
All campsites have electric, water, picnic table, and fire ring.  $30 per night
Primitive campsites are $20 per night.
Stalls are $10.00 per night, and include unlimited sawdust
Stalls must be completed cleaned and saw dust replaced before your departure
Picketing $5.00 per night, only permitted when barns are full

a camp for horses & mules & those who love'em

​Current Rates/Fees:
Campsite with electric and water:      $30 per night
Primitive Campsite:                               $20 per night
Stall with unlimited sawdust:              $10 per night 
Picket (only when barns are full):       $5 per night
Day rider:                                                 $5 per horse or mule

Cabin 1:        $50 per night
Cabin 2:       $60 per night
Cabin 3:       $70 per night
Pets:             $15 per pet cleaning fee and you will be                                 
         responsible for any damages by pets