a camp for horses & mules & those who love'em

Check In:
All guests must check in at office upon arrival.
 Office Hours Sunday – Saturday 9am to 5pm.
Check In: 2 PM, Check Out: 11 AM
As required by Kentucky law, all horses and mules must have proof of current, negative Coggins Test before unloading.
All riders/campers and day visitors must sign a Waiver of Liability upon arrival.
Messages, maps, rules, waiver, and etc will be posted on the message board located on back porch of main cabin/office.
Campers without horses will be charged an extra $10 per night.
We reserve the right to change the rates at any time.

All guests are expected to respect the camps, trails, and fellow riders. All must behave in a manner conductive to family fun. NO                  RUDE BEHAVIOR will be tolerated.
Hang ‘Em High Horse Camp makes every effort to insure that the facilities are safe. Rider acknowledges and understands that the              inherent risk of farm animal activities are deemed to be beyond the reasonable control of the horse camp and its employees and          representatives and other person, and that the Rider has been warned, pursuant to and in compliance with K.R.S. 247.402. See          your signed agreement and waiver of liability.
Please utilize the trash cans in your campsite. Food or trash left out is an invitation for wildlife, which may cause harm to the animal            from eating plastic etc. We would not like to have daily visitors to our camp such as Bees, Raccoons, Skunks and Bears. While            on trails, pack your litter back to campsite to ensure nature is preserved for others to enjoy.
Vehicles must obey speed limit of 10mph.
Our quite time starts at 11:00 pm – 7 am. If the reservation is in your name, you are responsible for your group’s conduct. Loud or              unruly behavior will not be tolerated. No rough riding, racing or riding through campgrounds. You may be asked to leave the                  premises with no refund. Please respect fellow campers at all times.
No Swimming allowed in pond. All children must be accompanied with an adult while at pond.
We are on city water, please conserve, NO washing of vehicles/trailers.
Damage to a lodging unit or any Hang ‘Em High properties may institute a fee for damages and a deposit fee for any further                     reservations. If there are no damages, fee would be refunded on departure.
NO SMOKING inside of the barns
NO SMOKING inside of Cabins.
No cooking inside of Cabins.                                                                                                                                                                    
No unauthorized motorcycles or ATV’s allowed in campground.
There is a RV dumping station located next to the small barn, for your convenience. Absolutely no grey water or sewer dumped on the      grounds.

Owner must care for horses during visit. All guests, with horses, must stable their horses, unless stable is full.
Each guest is required to clean their stalls.
No running horses in camp.
Do not tie your horses to the trees.

Your dog companion is welcome, owner responsibility, under the following terms:
All pets in the campground must be kept on a 6’ leash at all times. This is strictly enforced!!
Restrained such that will not chase or bother horses, campers, or other dogs. Control dog waste and excessive barking, will be                   appreciated by all. No pooping without scooping!
When not in your company, dogs must be leashed, caged or confined within your camp.